3 May 2008

Apologies to all both microecos readers for this week’s hellasaur gap, I’ve been way to busy thinking and writing about Triassic this week to find time to think or write about the Triassic.   With the help of Zach Miller some good stuff is on its way however, trust me.

Those needing a Tr hellasaur fix should check out Silvio Renesto’s website, which is loaded with pictures and info about the Triassic (and non-Triassic) reptile faunas of including some highly enigmatic ones which I may get around to blogging about some day!

Also a brief (and late) plug for the second 24-hour mammalthon which is happening at the daily mammal right now!  Sadly I didn’t get my act together to throw a curve ball in this time…but I’ll definitely have something good for the next one.

One Response to “Bunting…”

  1. JR Says:

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the plug! There were plenty of curve balls without your contribution, don’t worry. How about a lycanthrope, a character from Hawaii Five-O, and…a bird? Never mind the biggest curve ball of all: I fell asleep after about 20 hours and 15 mammals. It was/is a mammalthon plagued with problems, I suppose. But I’m up now and drawing a couple more before time for my birthday dinner!


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