80s, 90s, 00s…

5 March 2008

These two videos recollectivate what DeMedicis shows were like back in the early oughts..to the best of my recollectivation at least

FYI I’m available to manage any band that would like to incorporate on-stage hair-cuts, sleeping bag dancing, slide shows etc. into their performances…also with violently throwing yourself into walls after shows.

um, yeah.

2 Responses to “80s, 90s, 00s…”

  1. kevin z Says:

    Words cannot express the crush I had on Kim Gordon in 8th grade. My then band of course idolized sonic youth (i was the bassist…).

  2. Il Magnifico Says:

    i’m not sure. my dad says that the demedicis used to spit acid at the audience and bite the heads off of ticks.

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