Niche Market Cultural Studies Blogger Still On Strike

26 February 2008


and dip for that matter [groan].

Ironically, I’m holding out for fair compensation when microecos material appears on television. Go figure right?

Otherwise I’d be griping up and down about how “no compelling evidence for echolocation” turned into “NEW BAT FOSSIL PROVES FLIGHT EVOLVED BEFORE ECHOLOCATION” (check out where Icaronycteris and Rousettus fall on their non-logged plots) and “it’s not impossible that Beelzebufo might have munched on hatchling dinosaurs” turned into “GIANT FROG ATE BABY DINOSAURS” (it’s also not physically impossible that dubya likes to wash down his stem-cell shooters with civet urine) etc. etc.

In short, you ain’t missing much.


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