Hitting the Proverbial Snooze Button…

31 January 2008

Today I was introduced as an ‘up and coming science blogger’ (paraphrasing there). It was like one of those moments where you pass in front of a mirror, catch a peripheral glimpse and think “wait, is that what I really look like?”


Armadillodile warsSophophora?…hopeless monstersanthroposenescence

Um, I think I’ll sit this year/epoch out, thanks.

(with apologies to Tom Philippi)

Expect more decontextualized photo-collages…ganked media…wild, instantly retracted neologistics…19th century historiographies…maybe some bug sex. In short, we’re gonna party like it’s 2006.

When I wake up that is. If I wake up before the larvae pupate that is.

Until then: check out the best thing ever (thanks to zooillogix and retrospectacle from that one science blog portal…i forget the name).

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