Maybe I should go into Proctology…

20 December 2007

given my apparent inordinate fondness for colons. Despite my (clearly fictitious) loathing of auto-metabloggery, I’m going to jump on the whole first sentence of each month meme-wagon ‘coz well…I suppose I like self analysis as much as the next typer. So here are the first lines (or so) from the first microecos post of each month in 2007:

J’s a squirrel?


We’re still stalling on phugoid fliers, not to mention most beautiful bird #5.


To all in the Davis CA vicinity: Sunwise Co-op (my home) is having an Open-house/Naomh Pádraig memorial fest beginning mid-morning and (hopefully) extending past mid-night.


Forget about vertebrates: the salamanders that I could not find in Amador County were heavily outweighed by the arthropods that I did.


I wasn’t even aware that I actually knew any dirty limericks, but when I saw this PLoS One paper one popped from the depths of my subconscious like a roach emerging from beneath a rock:


Apologies for all of the accumulated leaf litter around here.


Perhaps some important linking source has expired?


A few days ago, in the post about vampire bat breath, I pondered: Oh those stable istopists what will they drop into the mass spec next??


Boneyard #5 is up at The Ethical Palaeontologist (oh, fine. I plugged that extra vowel in).


Something about the cover of Carl Zimmer’s new book looks a tad familiar…


Waiting in the lobby of the Austin Hilton, I glanced at my feet.


Web 2.0: boon or deathtrap for middling talent?

Well, I suppose we known the answer to that last question at least…

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