Come Again?

20 December 2007

Yes, apparently.

7 Responses to “Come Again?”

  1. […] precisely beetles got to be so damn diverse has puzzled scientists for since, well, not before time, surely. Flowering plants, climate change and poo have all been fingered as the driving force in […]

  2. Julia Says:

    “Not before time” – yes, that is probably a Britishism. It essentially means “About bloody time”, to imply that there has been a need for a certain action to be carried out for a while. So Henry Gee (I presume) is saying that essentially we are only just starting to focus our attention onto our environmental impact as a species, and that our consideration of our impact on the planet is long overdue.

    You can quite happily argue the factual inaccuracies, but the paragraph makes sense linguistically to me, and I read it to Paul the writer and he agrees. And we invented the language so nyeh! 😉

  3. Neil Says:

    Fair enough! I figured that was the general idea. I suppose the refined British prose is just too sophisticated for my coarse colonial sensibilities. Thanks for setting me straight Julia!

    have you seen Gee’s blog? wot with the guinea pig contraptions and all? hilarious!

  4. BrianR Says:

    I agree … that’s a wonky-sounding paragraph … it could be better. Why the stuff about “habitat change” … isn’t it enough to understand the Earth in principle? Are they trying to convince life scientists that physical processes are fundamental and important…or something.

  5. Neil Says:

    Yeah, the whole editorial sort of reads like “Earth Science not as dull and dreary as you think!” I certainly don’t think it’s a bad thing to try to demonstrate the relevance of geology to the broader scientific community, but I’m afraid that this comes off more like obligatory arm-waving…

  6. Chelsea Says:

    I’ll admit that I did not read this post too closely but I would like to throw in my ha’penny and agree that Nature puts out too many damn journals and I really can’t wait for it to righteously trickle down to their impact factor.

  7. Chelsea Says:

    p.s. Ok so going back and reading more carefully… am I correct in concluding that you are, after all, still a prick of the discriminating/discriminatory sort?

    Sorry! Merry Christmas!

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