Getting Dumb, Ghost Riding the Sticky Cretaceous Lasso etc.

17 December 2007

155802_b_lp.jpg picture by cetae

I am, of course, a Nor-Cal-ian, and so, a HUGE hyphae fan. Needless to say, this new brevium by Schmidt, Dörfelt and Perrichot, Carnivorous Fungi from Cretaceous Amber, in last week’s Science leaves me deeply stoked.

I mean, come on. Just, try asking most people to name their favorite fossil fungus (no, Ediacarans don’t count).  Well, actually we’re still out of luck since the authors don’t hazard a Christening beyond noting that the fossil fungus is unlike modern nematode-trappers. May I humbly suggest:

Keakdasneakmyces bowensis“?

So, in summary: Nematophagous fungi are A) totally terrifying (if you’re a nematode), E) totally indispensible (if you like eating vegetables), X) totally rad (in general) 4) have a fossil record going back to the Cretaceous. There are awesome diagram-laden websites, movies &c.


Postscript: Just slightly off topic, but anyone unfamiliar (or familar for that matter) with the awesome and terrifying beauty that is Cordyceps should check out this post by Neurophilospher.

postscript to the postscript – formatting issues are now solved.  sorta.  also var. typos.

3 Responses to “Getting Dumb, Ghost Riding the Sticky Cretaceous Lasso etc.”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    I’m not usually a big fan of puns but that one is pretty good.

  2. name their favorite fossil fungus…

    If Prototaxites is actually a fungus as some have argued, then this is a no-brainer.

  3. Neil Says:

    Thanks, Chelsea and Christopher, for your loyal readership in flagrant spite of the shrinking pains.

    And right, Prototaxites, DUH! [though I think we can say safely Christopher that you are not “most people”]

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