An amoeba is smaller than a rat

8 December 2007


Var. self portraits.



Web 2.0: boon or deathtrap for middling talent?

Range Maps:

index2.jpg stagnating pool of paraconciousness

“Such highly parallel multitasking – institutional paraconsciousness – while clearly limiting inattentional blindness and the consequences of failures within individual workspaces, does not eliminate them, and introduces new characteristic dysfunctions involving the distortion of information sent between global workspaces.”








web, 2.0: Joyous byte-arcade


trust me, the name of my new band is Croizat and the rad racers.

actually, it’s Tuftian guerrillas of iconography.

as a I said, damnation: , parallel microtextes:

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  2. […] and, anyway, let’s be frank, dubious guardianship up to this point. I mean the standing borderline fugue state you have come to expect from this blog clearly betrays some deep-seated emotional […]

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