What Planet Do You People Live On?

15 November 2007

Biking home today, I almost crashed into a tree when a small Accipiter clutching a ginormous Fox Squirrel flew just overhead and into a cork oak.  I glanced around to see who else might have seen to share my amazement.  Among the fifty or so cyclists and pedestrians who should have had as clear a view as I did, not a single person had noticed.  Or if they had, they simply didn’t care, which is worse.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an eagle taking out a deer but still.  Massive, awesome carnage taking place just overhead and you people don’t even notice?

During a 5th grade dodge ball match I glanced up and noticed a strange bird circling with the omnipresent Turkey Condors.  White head, white tail, dark body.  I had never seen a Bald Eagle before.  I leaped up and down and shouted “Everyone, look!  A Bald Eagle.”  Then I got tagged in the face.

Sports suck.  Animals rule.  Wake the hell up folks.

One Response to “What Planet Do You People Live On?”

  1. Snail Says:

    I usually take binoculars to staff meetings whenever they’re on the top floor, so (in the tea break) I can watch the various raptors that hunt over campus. We get black-shouldered kites, nankeen kestrels and the occasional wedge-tailed eagle. My colleagues may well think I’m eccentric (to put it mildly) but it’s fascinating. Their loss!

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