Decimating Birds: Episode V – Toward a new microethos

15 November 2007

[Decimating Birds is a fitful series about beautiful birds. We’re working on 10. Actually this entry pushes the total to 11, but who’s counting? Previous installments are here: i, here: ii, here: iii, here: iv, and here: vi]

5) Fiveway tie:

Small-headed Flycatcher (Muscicapa minuta),

Blue Mountain Warbler (Sylvia montana),

Carbonated Swamp Warbler (Sylvia carbonata),

Cuvier’s Kinglet (Regulus cuvierii),

Townsend’s Bunting (Emberiza townsendi) all nomina dubia


Small-headed Flycatcher.

All paintings originally from Audubon’s Birds of North America 1827-1838.

Many of the prints shown are available for purchase at Minnesland.

Blue Mountain Warbler.

Carbonated Swamp Warbler.

Cuvier’s Kinglet.

Townsend’s Bunting.

I have, in fact, a draft screenplay worked up. Ewan McGregor should probably play Alexander Wilson. Audubon is an open call, but I’d be willing to audition Brian Ellis.

Dear Hollywood: trust me, this has A LOT more staying power than Costner’s Kentucky Cycle. But how can you be more beautiful than something that doesn’t exist?

3 Responses to “Decimating Birds: Episode V – Toward a new microethos”

  1. kevin z Says:

    “carbonated swamp warbler” sponsored by Coca Cola, You Make Me Smile, drink Coca Cola (big cheesy smile)

  2. […] by both Audubon and Wilson,  rumor has it that William Gambel first spotted the North American Golden-Throated […]

  3. […] counts as Decimating Birds X by the way, 7 – 9 to come, some […]

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