Wave Bye Bye to the Bureaucrat….

23 October 2007

Dear microecos reader:

Due to administrative changes, microecos will now be a cultural studies blog. We were going to rename it mikrosocé but “Soce” turns out to be the nom de rap of a gay MC also known as the Elemental Wizard:

Yo, yo,
My name is soshizzle,
The elemental wizzle.
I grew up in the meadow.
It’s different from the ghetto.
I did a lot of biking,
And that was to my liking.
There were a lot of flowers.
I rarely took a shower.
I’m not very political,
Vocabulary’s minimal.
My adversary’s critical.
The magick fairy’s mystical.
I’m setting it off,
Getting my record sellin’ boomin’.
I’m consumin’ delectable canaries.
What are you doin’, hunh? —

From “Elemental Intro” by Soce, the Elemental Wizard

©2005 Andrew Singer

So instead we’re going to go with “epikulturen.” No wait, that’s lame. How about “abiorevelation.” Too oblique? I’m still partial to “Albert Hoffman’s Bike Wreck” but that polled poorly in Austin.

Oh, nevermind. But I’m changing my major to Art History. Also I’m selling my washboard synthesizer and buying a harmonium. I mean a melodica.

That is all.

Up next: Coral Bacchanalia.

5 Responses to “Wave Bye Bye to the Bureaucrat….”

  1. Wow. Didn’t expect to see Don Schrader while checking the microecos feed.

    Have you been hitting the Albuquerque Public Access channel, or has our most visible hometown celebrity branched out into syndication?

  2. Chelsea Says:

    Duder, FYI, grad students don’t have “majors”

  3. jessica Says:

    I heard you and your band sold your turntables and bought guitars.

  4. Neil Says:


    Way back when I was a professional earth rape consultant, I spent a spell in Algodones. Albuquerque Public Access was the only friend I made. I have a whole set of screen shots at my flickr account:

    cable access follies

    Land of Disenchantment indeed…

  5. Matt. Says:

    Thanks for the trip back to Cable Access, Neil. It’s almost enough to make me want to spring for cable again. I pulled the plug in ’99, but its nice to see that things hadn’t changed much by 2004.

    If you ever find yourself that close to Albuquerque again, drop me a line.

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