Is That a Moustache?

18 October 2007

I bought Paul Sereno a beer.  It was a Shiner Bock.  I also participated, peripherally, in a scheme to get him to pose for photo shoot…well, perhaps I shouldn’t go into that.

And I saw some college bros try to get Bob Bakker to come to their party.  Ah, the mania that is SVP…

I also got to head over to the Hartman Prehistoric Garden with Julia and Lorin this afternoon.  The butterflies were AMAZING, and me without the camera–damn it!

Julia got some photos though, some of them were appropriately enough, of Julias (Dryas julia) although I didn’t realize that at the time.  We also saw Monarchs, Zebra Longwings, and several different Swallowtails including a Pipevine.  Lots of little butterflies, moths, dragons and damsels too although I have no idea what they were, and a huge-ass, er abdomen Argiope orb weaver.

We saw lots of verts too and Chickadees of some type, lots of Great Tailed Grackles (the local weed bird), a Red-Shouldered Hawk being mobbed by some Blue Jays, Squirrels and Turtles.  Snap!

Oh yeah, and there’s some pretty awesome science going on to, but my head is spinning way too fast to write about any of it.  And the night hasn’t even begun yet…

Okay, off to see some bats.

4 Responses to “Is That a Moustache?”

  1. jessica Says:

    Are you going to tell them about Chest VP? Clyde chased a greyhound around the park today for 5 minutes and seemed tired for about 2 minutes afterward. That was a nice 2 minutes.

  2. Zach Miller Says:

    I resolve to go to SVP in the near future. Now, I expect detailed explainations of all the groundbreaking dinosaur stuff that went on inside!!!

  3. Julia Says:

    My head is still spinning from all the science! Or perhaps the overnight flight and jetlag…

    It was really nice to meet you, and thank you for introducing me to Chris McGowan. We must have a more formal bloggers’ get-together next year, especially if Brian is coming to Cleveland. Sorry I missed saying goodbye – I had to hit the sack at about 2am, and couldn’t find everyone I needed to see.

  4. […] of the more prosaically named, but not less nonsensical Nigersaurus. The paper, authored by my good buddy Paul Sereno and co, appeared on the supremely badassed open access journal […]

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