Whenever I Get Dressed Up…I Feel Like an Ex-Con Trying to Make Good

7 October 2007

I wonder if by ditching the (smog) moniker, Bill Callahan is suggesting that he has in fact finally made good?

Yesterday afternoon, as I was biking down to the garden to fetch some oregano for the posole, a gigantic male raccoon came waddling up beside me.

“Hey!” I shouted, bringing the bike to a squeaking stop “What are you doing out this time of day?” The raccoon gave me a sneer then loped across the street and disappeared into a storm drain.

I rode over to the drain and peered down through the metal grate. I could see a pointy nose, and two beady eyes staring back up at me for a moment then they disappeared and I heard him clamber down the culvert.

“See you at the Bill Callahan show!” I shouted into the drain.

POSTSCRIPTO:  Sad news, the little bugger didn’t make it.  We saw him creamed on the center-line of Turk street.  All the way from Davis to San Francisco…so close, so far, so it goes.  The show was amazing though.

Photo: Cynthia Dall nicked from here.

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