Titles of Upcoming Posts or My New Band Name?

5 October 2007

 Polistes dominulus, making paper.

Apologies on the quiet spell, life as a new graduate student has kept me predictably busy.  I know the custom is to bitch to high hell about graduate study, but I have to say I’m enjoying myself so far:

I passed a lab-mate in the stairwell the other day and we exchanged “hellos.”  Just as we were about to part ways, he stopped short and said “Oh, Neil, do you want to see my Emu head?”  At which point he popped open the yogurt container, which I had naïvely assumed contained his lunch, to reveal, of course, the severed head of a ratite.  Totally awesome.

Also props to Art Shapiro for spending the bulk of our second biogeography  lecture just reading lengthy passages from the Origin.  Don’t know that all students were as psyched as I was though….

Bah!  Look at me life-blogging…sorry.

Well I’m in the process of reaming through (yet another) science daily post, certainly a good use of my now wholly self-managed time.  In the mean time, loosely inspired by a hilarious post from Creek Running North, we ponder…

“Upcoming Post Title or My New Band Name?”

Albert Hoffman’s Bikewreck

All Hail the Euarchontoglires

The Coming Superculture

Rumi Joints

Al-Aqsa Lovers Brigade

(Bill Callahan)

Hello Kitty Kestrel (okay…I ripped that one off)

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