Are You Gonna Eat That?

26 September 2007

Oh precious, darling little Science Daily, what would we do without you?

Is There Any Validity To The So-called 5-second Rule?

I hate to (ahem) spoil it for you, but the answer is…no. Puff reporting you say? Nonsense! Check this masterful line of science writing:

Retrieving food outdoors is also generally safe, says Chambliss, as long as it doesn’t fall on potential reservoirs of infection such as piles of animal poop.

Oh, fuck it. Manzanita berries are good, I’m totally going for it.

berry dung

Next up…”Does Tossing Salt Over Your Shoulder Really Ward Off Bad Juju?”

3 Responses to “Are You Gonna Eat That?”

  1. kevin z Says:

    LMAO, that line “Oh, fuck it. Manzanita berries are good, I’m totally going for it.” along with the photo made me laugh so hard! clever. true though, huh? i get so angry with the birds eating all my wild raspberries…

  2. Julia Says:

    I have no qualms about picking up food from the floor in our flat and eating it anyway – I just use the five-second rule to justify my actions to my squeamish friends (plus if it’s food that falls out of the pan while I’m cooking if you don’t get to it quickly it cools down too much!). The only exception is anywhere outside in London, and the carpet in the coffee lounge in the Earth Sciences dept in Cambridge (where Rupert the incontinent Yorkshire terrier used to hang out).

    Hmm, “Bad Juju” is what my husband calls me when I sneak chocolate into the house…

  3. Zach Miller Says:

    HA! The follow-up should totally be about whether or not stepping on a crack makes your mother fall and break her back.

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