The Community Vents

12 September 2007

The ‘sphere’s a-bubbling with a delicious, super-heated upwelling of righteous ire:

First, Ryan of Genomicron viciously skewers lazy science writing with Anatomy of a bad science story. Just ten easy steps to ensure that your piece follows the “norms of journalism*!”

(* inflates significance, distorts results and fosters public misconception)

Then, perpetual paleo-curmudgeon, and actual doctor, Dr. Vector wonders,

“Really, seriously, what the hell is wrong with museum exhibit designers these days?

Then he goes on to explain exactly what is really, seriously wrong with natural history exhibit design these days. “Not enough ridable dinosaur models” isn’t on his list.

A warning to science journalists, exhibit designers and readers afraid of the ‘eff’ word: these waters is hot!

Photos: Top left – black smoker from NOAA.

Bottom – Saddled Triceratops at the Creation Museum! Photo Jonathan Gitlin, from his hilarious Flickr photoset – creative commons.

2 Responses to “The Community Vents”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    The thing that makes the worst writing, when you’re trying to educate someone (about what’s bad science writing, or anything else) is sarcasm/negative definitions.

    I mean obviously the “intended audience” of Genomicron’s blog post is not really the intended audience, and it’s an inside joke, but still. I think sarcastic teachers have done the world almost as much harm as boring ones.

  2. jessica Says:

    Hey, we could go ride the saddled Triceratops over Winter break! I wonder what kind of tokens it takes…

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