Why I’m a Geologist

3 September 2007

It’s like friggin Rio around here. The geologically minded have their own blog carnival now: The Accretionary Wedge. Issue no. 1 is now up at Clastic Detritus. The first issue has geo-bloggers musing over how/why they became geologists.

Though woefully late to the fore, I can’t resist, after all I have a bachelor’s degree…in geology! Just consider this the extraordinarily shallow, heavily-bioturbated, veneer of biogenic ooze atop the accretionary wedge.

Right. So without further ado, “Why am I a geologist?”

[all pictures copyright Jessica Oster except above and very bottom]


I am a nonconformist.


I am prone to erratic behavior.


I could blow my top at any moment.


I have a deep appreciation for the entrenched wisdom,


but I love the breakthroughs.

Most of all,


I just love the sense of scale.



5 Responses to “Why I’m a Geologist”

  1. BrianR Says:

    nice…I like the photo-essay approach

    FYI, the archive site is here now:

  2. Kevin Z Says:

    Are you studying geology at UC-Davis? Who is your advisor? I did my undergrad there, graduated in 2004, BSc Evolution and Ecology, one class away (Paleoclimates i think its called) from a double major in geology. I studied with Vermeij a bit. And McClain and Zierenberg gave me my start in deep sea biology by taking me on a cruise to the East Pacific Rise for a month to help them operate the Towed Camera Sled.

  3. jessica Says:

    Well, at least I’ll finish long before you, so I won’t have to be constantly upstaged. You have a great photographer, though.

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