The Coming Storm

2 September 2007


Of blog posts? If you’re lucky.

But, we move in two days, so don’t count on it. The shot above is the Pozo schoolhouse, where my grandmother learned letters and figuring and such. In the background, the fronds of last Wednesday night’s electrical fury.

Just down the hill to the right, and back some seventy years, is the great-grandparents’ homestead


where we weathered the storm and listened to Nancy Sinatra and Lou Reed LPs. The Turkey Condors rattled their wings in the Ghost Pines and it sounded like thunder…

A complete account to come. Perhaps. While you’re waiting go take a draught off the latest lagerstatten, a.k.a Boneyard IV, a.k.a. Der Boneyardenhausensteinen over at When Pigs Fly Returns.

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