14 August 2007

Last week we called human evolution into question, this week we’ve proven panspermia (or pardon, exogenesis).

Recent probes inside comets show it is overwhelmingly likely that life began in space, according to a new paper by Cardiff University scientists.

Those wacky scientists, what will they prove/disprove next!?

Seriously, don’t science journalists attend some kind of insufferable in-service where they discuss the use of phrases like “call into question” and “overwhelmingly likely” ?

The researchers calculate the odds of life starting on Earth rather than inside a comet at one trillion trillion (10 to the power of 24) to one against.

Hey for all I know the Oort cloud is lousy with cryophilic exobes, but clay, organic compounds, water and heat are not restricted to comets. And it would be nice to know how these startling odds were calculated!

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