Homo Evolutii Testis

13 August 2007

An ontogeny of human ontology? An evolutionary epistemology? Whatever it is, go read Brian Switek’s massive blog treatise Homo sapiens: The Evolution of What We Think About Who We Are at Laelaps.

A welcome antidote to the recently muddied waters of human evolution, it begins with Genesis and ends with, well, Answers in Genesis. But in between it covers everything from the mystery of the missing penis bone, Scheuchzer’s salamander man and Brookes’ stone scrotum right up to Howell’s ‘March of Progress’ and Morgan’s bobbing bosom. Like I said, it’s massive, so find a comfortable seat first. Alright go! (okay, I fixed the link, now go!)

One Response to “Homo Evolutii Testis”

  1. laelaps Says:

    Thanks for the link Neil! I’m hoping to gather some more sources in the next few weeks and write up a research paper on the same subject, although I have no idea what will come of it. At least it’ll be practice…

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