So Long and Thanks for Nothing, Assholes.

9 August 2007


The Baiji is dead. Long live the Baiji.

Actually, this is kind of old news, but newly published (in Biology Letters.) Last year’s intensive survey of the Yangtze river dolphin’s entire historical habitat failed to reveal a single living individual. Even if some cryptos evaded the survey… things don’t look good.

Ominously/tragically, the website of the baiji conservation website is down, probably from an overload of just-too-late interest.

Echoing the original paper, BBC claims “If confirmed, it would be the first extinction of a large vertebrate for over 50 years.

Well, if by “large” you mean > fruit-bat sized, and you reject extinctions of distinct ‘sub’ species. We’ve seen the obverse claim skewered before.

Here’s the most tragical bit: the map for Baiji recovery now applicable only in alternate multiverses.

some things to say about Douglas Adams, river dolphin monophyly etc. but not now.

2 Responses to “So Long and Thanks for Nothing, Assholes.”

  1. […] song that inspired the title of this post is admittedly sappy, but has new relevance with the demise of the Baiji. Those with a strong stomach can watch the youtube […]

  2. […] cannot sustain a viable breeding population, it is said to be “functionally extinct.”  Perhaps the most widely publicized recent “functional extinction” was that of the Baiji, Lipotes vexillifer, the unique archaic Yangtze River dolphin that was last seen in the wild […]

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