I Blame Sunspots or, an interval amidst Death Throes

21 July 2007


Perhaps some important linking source has expired? Or, possibly I have just jettied myself into a corner. The blogosphere may not be the place to attempt to test a reader’s patience across months. I could attempt to fake my own death, like Darren, but I’m afraid no one would know the difference 1.

We didn’t even turn up Indet. in the first survey of the Boneyard, which is nevertheless an exciting and interesting start to a new paleo Carnival. Thanks to Brian at Laelaps for getting the bones rolling. Issue #1 contains virtually everything you need to read about the current Dinosauromorphomania, short of the original paper including the original paper for those lucky enough to have web access to Science.

Admittedly, my submission on Argentavis was a bit more cursory than GrrlScientist’s. Well, somehow lumbering and cursory at the same time really. It also contained two mispellings of the taxon-in-question, as Google is quite happy to point out:

picture-6.png picture-7.png

Oh well, there’s always next week! As a consolation prize Brian did include a link on the Boneyard info page, which hopefully means he expects to see something worthy of inclusion sometime soon. And it’s already generating traffic.

1 – I should probably point out the baseline is set at 40, which I would once have considered a very respectable day and the peaks just barely pop above 250, which must be a dismal attendance at many blogs.

6 Responses to “I Blame Sunspots or, an interval amidst Death Throes”

  1. laelaps Says:

    Hi Neil, I initially added your post on Argentavis, it just got lopped off because I didn’t close some code. It should be up there now, so hopefully it’ll send some traffic your way soon!

  2. laelaps Says:

    And, by the way, thanks for the support of the boneyard (and I believe the new Science paper is linked in the carnival just before all the analyses, along with the link to the new dino sex paper)

  3. Neil Says:

    Way to ruin my sulkfest Brian! Thanks for the link, I look forward to watching the yard grow.

  4. rebecca Says:

    hi neil. i think you didn’t post for a while and that’s why I stopped reading your blog. plus the obvious that it is sort of over my head. but never change, never change.

  5. A graph with only one axis labeled?!

  6. Neil Says:


    Over your head ???


    We’re all about quality here, not quantity.

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