10 July 2007

Fossil diatoms M I Walker, Wellcome Images, part of the creatively commons!

I‘ve often wondered if new visitors to microecos are ever disappointed by the usual absence of the truly ‘micro’ from this site. I’m throwing those folks a bone here…or rather several siliceous tests.Skepchick has thrown down the gauntlet, with a challenge to find and post the coolest image from the new online collection of scientific images from the Wellcome Trust. Admittedly, I was trolling for fossil vert illustrations when I stumbled across this amazing piece of eye candy.

Diatoms are photosynthetic plankton that construct miniature glass skeletons in a decidedly Fullerian vein. These skeletons are one of the raw ingredients of dynamite, and by, extension the Nobel prize I suppose. Also toothpaste and cat litter.

Luckily, Laelaps has the vert paleo angle covered, with a Mary Anning sketch no less!

And who could resist a coda from the Kunstformen courtesy of Wikimedia?

Hooray creative commons!

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