Death Caps stuffed with seared Yeti Crab over a bed of rice

12 May 2007

E.O. and co. are rolling out EOL (not to be confused with ELO), an online ‘Encyclopedia of Life‘, with the ulitmate aim of individualized pages for every living species on Earth. You know, sort of like a Myspace or Facebook for every animal, plant, fungus, and ‘other’ on the planet.

So far, the EOL site boasts some slick multi-media self-promotion, a list of particpants and sponsors, an FAQ page, contact info and a way to register for updates, and, of course free samples (images link):

True to the ecumenical spirit of the project, the demonstration species range from the ultra-obscure to the familar and from nourishing to fatal. I, for one, think Kiwa hirsuta was an excellent choice for a flagship animal.

As a devoted former collector of Illustrated Wildlife Treasury cards, I look forward to the new project, with great zeal (image links to crazy flashback commercial madness).



One Response to “Death Caps stuffed with seared Yeti Crab over a bed of rice”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Your readers should know that that link will also get them to a Barbie and the Rockers commercial.

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