Death of a Corpse (flower).

9 May 2007

If you are reading this right now, the ‘titanic formless phallus’ of Ted the Titan is already fading.

We were lucky enough to make it to the spectacle last night at the height of the bloom (images with ‘sprocket holes’ link to video). Check beneath the fold

Yes, it smelled pretty horrid, but that just seemed to draw in curious hordes of humans like so many giant wingless carrion flies, with cameras. In fact considering the role of pollinator for these greenhouse specimens has been adopted by humans, the comparison may be apt.

Sex and death, two things humans just can’t get enough of even when it’s simulated putrescine and artificial pollination. Especially on a warm spring night.

The strange contraption attatched to the spadix is a thermometric device for measuring the astonishing thermal energy produced by the plant. This heat helps to spread the stench and bring in more fly pollinators.

Here’s a link to a cool timelapse video(‘real’media) of Ted’s predecessor, Tabatha. And here’s a list of most of the Corpse Flower blooms in the Western World since 1889.

Even if you missed Ted… You could still fly to Minnesota or Connecticut.

POSTSCRIPTO: UCONN’s titan opened on Friday, and Gustavus Adolphus’ “Perry” is in full bloom right now, check the above links for latest info/pics.  You can relive Tom’s odorous oddysey with this wicked timelapse video.

4 Responses to “Death of a Corpse (flower).”

  1. Jessica Says:

    The stench was no match for me. Can you explain how the heat is generated? Something to do with mitochondria? I’ll take my answer off the air. Today Michael Krasny said homeboy, and it was really embarrassing.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Wait, that comment makes it sound like the flower’s stench was no match for my own stench. That is incorrect. I just meant that it didn’t smell so bad.

  3. Pluvialis Says:

    Ah, memories. Saw the one at Cambridge Botanical Gardens a few years ago. Queues snaked around the block. They had to keep the doors open to let the crowds pass through, so I was rather disappointed not to get a lungful of the grim smell….

  4. […] Mere moments after I added a link to the “Ted the Titan” timelapse to my corpse flower post, Jessica noticed a familar back hiding in the frames.  Sure enough, twenty-one […]

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