BBB.3 – The Log

30 April 2007

Date: April 22nd, 2007

Time: 2:30 PM PDT

Location: A log, in my backyard (again) in Village Homes, west Davis, Yolo County, CA. (N38 33.096, W121 46.953)

Conditions: Bad-light gradually giving way to a steady drizzle and a loose dog marauding through the neighbors yard.

Tools: Canon Powershot SD400, Powell and Hogue California Insects,, Garmin eTrex handheld GPS unit, shovel, tarp, large plastic storage container lid, hand lens, pad of graph paper, ballpoint pen.

Protocol: This one was a dual effort. Well trebel if you count Clyde who was mostly working cross-purpose mining the neighbors compost and patrolling for cats. The site is a ~1.5 meter long/.5 meter diameter log probably from one of the Casuarina trees behind it. I don’t know how long it has been there.

We surveyed the exterior of the log and peeled a small section of bark away looking for interior residents. Then we rolled the log and quickly tried to ID everything we could, then scooped up several centimeters of soil below the log and sorted through it on our picnic table.


Exceptional arachnid diversity…and a lot of non-natives, again.

I’m much too tired to say anything else. Here are the photos, IDs, in some cases provisional on Flickr. It’s been a great week of blitzes and attempted blitz’s. Yesterday, as I lead a group on a (decidedly non-blitz) nature walk a random passerby shouted, “Are you blitzing?” I guess word gets around!

Thanks to Jeremy and all the other BBB participants it’s been a great project…and I look forward to a much improved effort on my part next year.






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