Around the sun with microecos

5 April 2007

Yesterday marks the 365th day of this blog. Perhaps we can indulge just a bit of shameless autometablogging and look back at a few highlights?


The very first post, a belabored treatment of gliding ants, set the bar in many ways, what with the profanity, linkorrhea, frustration with mainstream science reporting, misuse of footnotation1 etc. Most tellingly, I ended that post with a promise (threat?) of a follow-up piece on the origins of insect flight. After a year of blogging I still have yet to make good on that pledge.

For those of you keeping score at home, here are a few other unrealized dreams:

6 of 10 most beautiful birds (more below).

More on phugoid gliding and the origins of vertebrate flight.

A look at the salamanders of California.

Will I ever get around to these pressing matters? Many forces are working against it, but to find out, you’ll just have to keep visiting.


11 months ago, Carel tagged me with the 10 Beautiful Birds meme.  The meme is not a particularly complicated one, it simply codes for a list of 10 ‘most’ beautiful birds.  So far, I’m up to #4.  I do plan on completing the list, entry #5 actually is a five-way tie between five, probably ficticious, candidates.   We’ll see if I can get in before the one year mark rolls around.


I’d like to be able to take credit for ‘glight‘, ‘homiculture‘, ‘mesoamericana‘ or even ‘paramammalian‘ but a simple google search would reveal me a blatant liar in all cases. ‘Cryptophugoid’ and ‘malianarianism‘ appear to be microecos originals…I don’t expect them to pop up in the OED anytime soon…Microecos also frequently breaches the boundaries of fairness and common sense when comes to grammar, punctuation and citation. So sue me2!


In case you were wondering, average readership comes out to about 100 hits per day, lately. Total views comes out to 10, 305 in one year, ranging from 0 to 270 per day. What can I say? It’s a ‘small house’.

That two-seventy spike came within the first few weeks of this blog’s existence, April 22 2006 to be exact, courtesy of some second degree parabloggery by the great-grandaddy of science blogging, PZ Meyers of Pharyngula fame, viz-a-viz the eccentric uncle of science blogging, Coturnix aka Bora Zivkovic.  And the subject of that misleadingly buzz-worthy post?


Insect copulation has far and away generated the most interest and traffic at this blog (additional examples here, here and here. Oh, and here too.)  In fact, you may be suprised to know that I have many other bug sex shots, that I have held off on, perhaps in a futile attempt to avoid stereotyping myself.

Many people apparently stumble on to my blog looking for something rather different and are no doubt wildly disappointed.


No doubt many bloggers are tickled by the search terms that yield hits to their blog.  At one point I was in the top 100 google hits for ‘copulation’ (haven’t checked recently).  Here’s a recent week of searches, notice any themes?

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2007-04-05


Search Views
bee 10
“cuttlefish” 6
biggest fish 5
Tropical Fish Cartoon 3
Cuttlefish 3
soldier beetle mating 3
babirusa pig deer 2
cartoon sex position pics 2
migration cartoon human 2
animated sex 2
Vampire Squid 2
dragonfly sex pictures 2
spider cartoon 2
Tuataras 1
female cannibal 1
cartoon animal male selection 1
erketu 1
bird poo on car 1
wayang figure 1
amphibian fish evolution 1
erotica porn 1
animal mating cartoon 1
emily blake 1
condor sketch 1
female cannibals 1


Search Views
bee 8
male porn 4
gopher snakes 3
vampire squid 3


Search Views
human sex 8
Bee 5
cuttlefish 5
sex cartoon 3
flying bee 2
Anacondas Snakes 2


Search Views
cuttlefish 8
xipe totec 5
human copulation 4
a ladybird female or male 3
famous cartoon sex 3
real animal cell 3
sex cartoon 2
california condor pleistocene 2
marmot reproduction 2
Vampyroteuthis infernalis 2
lithograph bird 2
same sex adoption cartoon 2
mcnugget 2
biggest fish 2
non human sex stories 2
man sex cartoon 2


Search Views
vampire squid 8
human sex 6
human mating 5
sexual cannibalism 4
sex cartoon 3
sex with a animal 3
breaking taboo 2
Xipe 2
peter bruegel 2
sex positions 2
2 point perspective snake 2


Search Views
bee 7
vampire squid 3
carrion beetles 2
humans and dogs sex 2
human Sex 2


Search Views
larva + cartoon 3
mollusc vampire 2
saloon girls 2
mammals camouflage 2
snails 2
bee jeans 2

um, yeah.


 As usual, the writing of this post has gone on waaay too long, and true to form, this bout of navel-gazing is being cut short by the need to work, sleep, eat, walk the dog etc.  I could promise a follow up but….eh.

Thanks for reading this blog 10,000 times, I look forward to 10,000 more!




1 – Well, I guess it could be worse.
2 – Actually, please don’t.


2 Responses to “Around the sun with microecos”

  1. Carel Says:

    Congratulations, Neil! …and happy birthday! Myself, I’ve achieved a stunning degree of success in attracting web surfers looking for “Giant ichneumon wasps.”

  2. Neil Says:

    Thanks Carel, I’m not sure if you are already working on any marmot reproduction paintings…but it might be a winner!

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