¡Viva Darwin!

12 February 2007


As you may well have already heard, today, the 12th of February, marks the 198th anniversary of the birth of everyone’s favorite cirripedologist (no offense to Victor Zullo intended). Here at microecos, we mark the date with one of my favorite passages from The Autobiography of Charles Darwin:

That my mind became developed through my pursuits during the voyage is rendered probable by a remark made by my father, who was the most acute observer whom I ever saw, of a sceptical disposition, and far from being a believer in phrenology; for on first seeing me after the voyage, he turned round to my sisters, and exclaimed, “Why, the shape of his head is quite altered.” (1887)

I’m guessing chas’s tongue is firm-in-cheek here, but I must admit that Victorian subtlety jams even my extraordinarily vague sense of humor.



This Robert Smigel piece on the the other hand… (image links to video, sit through the weaker Falwell Bit, trust me it’s worth it).

¡Feliz Dia del Darwin!

2 Responses to “¡Viva Darwin!”

  1. N*E*I*L&F Says:

    Went to the American NHM this weekend to see the new ‘human origins’ exhibit. The just opened it, probably to time with CD’s big day. Highlights of the four new dioramas and etc: inclusion of Homo floresiensis, although they hedged that further work was needed, and depiction of Homo ergaster as a scavenger competing directly with a vulture.

  2. neil Says:

    Hey Neil, I’m glad you finally got to see your cavemen dioramas. I’ve perused the promotional web-site, the refurbished hall looks like something out of Flight of the Navigator. I hope we can come back and see it soon!

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