Blasé Feathered Tyro

29 January 2007


Photo: J & S S INTERNATIONAL, INC., DBA Kokoro Dinosaurs Copyright 2006

Microecos is nothing if not loose with the English language. Even so “feathered dinosaurs are relatively blasé” seems an especially exapt case of modifier mis-use.

For those awaiting the follow-up phugoid post: if you think I’m stalling… well, you’re right. But as we’re soon to see, stalling well is a very important skill.

Kokoro persists while Dinamation goes extinct. Selection or stochasm?

One Response to “Blasé Feathered Tyro

  1. Jessica Says:

    I really want to see a little back pack and a hat with a propeller on that cute little T-rex. And I think he should have a christmas ornament made out of macaroni in his claw.

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