There Goes Concorde Again

27 December 2006

A recent article by Rota and Wagner, at the ‘kick-ass‘ new online journal PloS One, demonstrates that metalmark moths mimic jumping spiders. This ruse apparently helps to protect them from jumping spider predation and may shield the metalmarks from moth-hungry predators too timid or jaded to attack a jumping spider. Rad.

This would seem excuse enough for a salticid (jumping spider) pictorial. Jumping spiders are the most animated, inquisitive, and endearing of arachnids. Some would call them cute. (massive loading ahead..)








I’m too lazy to annotate them at the moment, but those looking for higher-quality, more taxonomically explicit and totally free amateur pics should go here. The Neurophilosopher has a suberb treatment of the Rota and Wagner paper.



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