Would you rather have teeth in your nose…

23 August 2006

During a third grade teacher-parent conference, Ms. Hollaway informed my parents that my animal report though creative, was unacceptable because the assignment was to write about a real animal not to invent one of my own.

Break out the 3-D glasses.

The Babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa sp.) is(or, are), in fact, real.  I’ve seen one with my own eyes at the Los Angeles Zoo. The Sulawesian “pig-deer” might, however, fairly be described as improbable, but then again aren’t we all?
Darren Naish has a fascinating piece on this unique creature and I must admit it outshines my third-grade effort a bit. Perhaps his follow up post will treat the creature’s disputed Kosher-ness.

4-tusked Raksasa shadow puppet.


Mr. Naish’s follow up is here.

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