Apis-Mania III: Elegy

24 April 2006

Another entry for the ever-expanding senseless death file:

this poor little worker was no match for my serge de Nimes, for which I overpaid at target.

Ben, up from Los Angeles, likened the scene on my jeans to a suicide bombing. Sadly, this little bee didn't even save a Haldanian minimum of eight cousins.

But let us end on a positive note from blessed bee:

photo credit: Blessed-Bee Apiaries Inc.

Tis the season for bee petting, just head to your nearest lavender bush.

2 Responses to “Apis-Mania III: Elegy”

  1. bea Says:

    well i am shocked at the things happening to these bee’s

    they mean a lot 2 me as i sponser them 1000 $ year u would no me!!!

    and i would hope more is being done

  2. Georgina Says:

    I much prefer Bee’z to Wasps iv been stung on my shoulder before it really HURT …

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